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Saturday, October 17, 2015

On AwardWapsi, Selective Outrage And Whataboutery

With more than 40 Sahitya Akademi awardees returning their awards, council members of the Akademi resigning and similar forms of protests by artists and intellectuals has been dominating public discourse since a week now. The most shrill arguments that can be heard in the din take the concept of whataboutery to a new high. The divide in the public opinion is indeed sharp but the acrimonious debates on television and rants on Twitter ignore some very basic facts which I believe is necessary to really understand why intellectuals (or pseudo-intellectuals if it suits you)  are so vociferous in their protests. Those criticizing the writers started with the argument that these writers were hardly popular as such and by making such a move they were only attempting to get bit into the spot light. When the numbers of rebel writers grew the argument was changed to them being beneficiaries of previous regimes' nepotism and were paying their dues to their original benefactor by turning this into a political campaign. This counter-charge has been aggressively made against them by some of the celebrities from the entertainment industry as well as the media though curiously enough, no questions are asked if they themselves are indulging in petty politics or not. Here are some of the charges made by the rebelling writers and intellectuals.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

What Russia's Entry In Syrian Crisis Really Means

Image Courtesy: Yahoo Maktoob News 
Entry of Russia into the Syrian theatre of bloodshed and chaos could well change the dynamics of the conflict in the region, making it difficult to foresee the immediate future. In an already chaotic situation, among the very first things Russia did was carry air strikes against what US and its allies claim to being their coalition partners and civilian dissidents and not the ISIS which provided Russia with a justification to enter the war zone. Just few weeks  before Russian air strikes, Turkey carried out air strikes, apparently targeting ISIS terrorists but after the dust settled it came to light that the attack had killed several militants belonging to Kurdish groups, who apart from fighting against ISIS, are also considered hostile by the Turkish state since decades . Unfortunately, these are only reminders of the varying and sometimes diametrically opposite agendas of the  various actors participating in the  middle-east conflict and one of the reasons why ISIS continues to remain undefeated.

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