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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

China's Next Great Leap: Reincarnation, Resurrection and Hubris

Posted by: danish Ahmed 12:00 AM

The Communist People's Republic of China while extending its sovereignty over the afterlife of its citizens (both actual and Tibetans) plans to set up a department to deal with reincarnation and resurrection of its dearly departed dictators and generals, certain reports indicate. The very first batch of reincarnated or resurrected souls are likely to include that of Mao Zedong and other important Communist leaders of China. The inspiration behind this seems to be the strong stand China has taken on the question of the reincarnation of the present Dalai Lama.  The spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism has more than once indicated that he might not reincarnate at all, ending centuries old Tibetan Buddhism tradition.

Posted By danish Ahmed 12:00 AM

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is Political Demagoguery Back In Jammu and Kashmir ?

Freshly sworn-in Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has created quite a furore by immediately expressing gratitude to Pakistan, Hurriyet and sundry militant for allowing the election to take place in relatively peaceful atmosphere and then went on to release a well known separatist, Masarat Alam  followed by drafting a list of secessionists and terrorists to be released from prison in the near future. Experts opine that these steps were taken by Mufti to send a message to people of the Kashmir valley that he had not surrendered to the "Hindu Nationalist" BJP. The BJP on its part tried going slow and responded strongly only when the voices of protest across the nation attained a deafening pitch. It now emerges that the paperwork clearing the release of Alam had been completed before the government was sworn in and when the state was under President's rule or directly under the rule of the Union Government. It was also the period when the BJP and the PDP were negotiating hectically for two months to form the coalition government. Opposition parties and BJP critics see the long leash given to Mufti as a desperate effort by the party to stay in power in the only Muslim majority state of India but I don't quite agree to this point of view. With a strong BJP government in centre and the conditions in Jammu and Kashmir, PDP needs it more than vice-versa.

Posted By danish Ahmed 6:00 PM

Sunday, March 8, 2015

India's Daughter: Culture Of Shame

I so want to stick my head into the sand like an ostrich to show support for the Indian government's move to ban the BBC documentary India's Daughter. But I also want to stick my head into the sand out of shame, shame of having becoming such a reactionary and paranoid society that when an outsider tries to offers us a mirror which shows a very deep rooted malaise in our society we suspect it a conspiracy to malign India's global standing and despite being world's largest democracy we try to join the league of countries like North Korea, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and other authoritarian regimes where the government decides what is fit for the consumption by the people. But most of all I am ashamed with the hashtag #NirbhayaInsulted.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Open Source Politics And Aam Aadmi Party (beta)

Who would have thought even five years ago that a political party with all India appeal could coalesce as if by magic out of social activism by several thousand volunteers and supporters scattered all over the planet, connected only by the tenuous strands of an Idea ?

The above paragraph is actually taken from Eric S Raymond's essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar, considered as the Bible of the Open Source Software Movement, the highlighted words are substitutions I have made to suit the present context; the original text is as follows:

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Interstellar : A Journey Through Human Minds

Interstellar Poster

One of the criticism Interstellar faces resulting in being snubbed in awards ceremonies, is the lack of character development. Most science fiction have little room for character development which is justifiable given the nature of the plots, it would be difficult to incorporate elements of emotional states people go through in every day life while narrating a fast moving story based in a fictitious world where laws of science are bended to accommodate thrill. Yet, Nolan doesn't do such a bad job in Interstellar,since the story is one about mankind's bid for survival by leaving Earth for another habitable planet and theme is an epic space journey largely based on real science, the characters are archetypes rather than regular people. In absence of character development, Nolan bases his story on philosophy and bare emotions, both simple and deep as well as with all their complexities.

Posted By danish Ahmed 3:25 AM