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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Has India under Modi Finally Found A China Policy ?

Anyone who has visited this blog before or just takes a cursory glance at my previous posts would know that I am not really a fan of Narendra Modi. Some have gone on to say that I have a pathological hatred of Modi, what I know is that till now Modi hasn't really given me much reason to applaud him, although since assuming premiership he hasn't given me much reason to criticize him either. Before elections, one of the dangers I was apprehensive about in case of Modi becoming PM was the threat to India's foreign policy. Leave alone experience, maturity and global recognition of statesmanship such as that commanded by Ex-Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Modi appeared as a stranger to the power corridors of Delhi.

Further, his devotion to an organisation known for its archaic values and worldview presented a rather bleak and eerie picture of the future of India's foreign policy. Fortunately, by inviting heads of Saarc countries on his swearing in ceremony, Modi gave a very clear signal that India's foreign policy  was finally out of coma, his visits to Japan and renewal of ties with South-East Asian countries and especially engagement with China declared the new Indian government's resolve to take more proactive role in world politics.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Love,Sex And Jihad

FRight-Wingers are at it again, alleging a conspiracy called "Love Jihad" and I am not sure if I should laugh,  get irritated,amused, angry, indifferent, outraged, sympathetic or feel all of them at the same time. Both the words, "love" and "jihad" have beautiful connotations but now distorted into a grotesque shape. While the connotation of "love" is self-explanatory, the meaning of jihad has undergone changes, especially for those looking from distance. Jihad essential means "to struggle in the way of GOD", it can be an inner spiritual struggle called greater jihad  and fighting tyranny and persecution, through violent or nonviolent means, which is called lesser jihad.. Do note, the meaning of the word jihad is "struggle" which implies it is for self-defence and fighting against persecution. However, in context of this allegation of "Love Jihad", other political parties, members of civil society, journalists have exposed it as a lie but it perplexes me why women's rights organisations haven't launched  Jihad (non-violent kind) against those who manufactured this hoax. .    

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mere Military Action Against ISIS May Not Be Enough

US defense chiefs saying ‘Apocalyptic’ Isis beyond anything we've seen' is bit alarming for two reasons (other than the alarm manifest in the headline itself). The first being, did it take the all pervasive, heavily invested (finance,skill, forfeiture of individual rights) US surveillance mechanism this long to arrive at a conclusion which by now known to anyone who keeps an eye on the situation in MENA region ? Or does it mean the US is once more contemplating a Gulf War like approach to handle this threat ? Although, unlike previous Gulf Wars, this time the US has far more legitimate reasons to intervene. The current state of affairs in Syria-Iraq is a direct fallout of the hare-brained ex-US President's misadventure in 2003 of ouster and execution of Saddam Hussein and destabilization of the entire region in its wake. Some bloggers and commentators seem to blame US for directly or indirectly creating another Frankenstein monster called ISIS, but I believe the US is responsible for creating the horrific mess in Iraq  from which this monster has arisen, but not the monster itself  (its Al-Assad's monster though, Frankenstein or not). Now the billion dollar question is, can US really clean up the mess without leaving behind a bigger mess ?

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Middle-East Crisis: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Assad And ISIS

As the self-declared "Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham" continues to slaughter hundreds, occupy and govern a vast swathe of land and come close to capturing Baghdad and Irbil, the Kurdish capital, one cannot but wonder how its emergence could not be foreseen. Another interesting development is that the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad seems to have lost steam. Is there a symbiotic relationship between them ? Are they hostile in one level and  interdependent on one the other ?

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Hidden War In The Middle-East: Rise of Geopolitical Networks

Underneath the seemingly chaotic, ethno-sectarian conflicts raging on in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), lie powerful subterranean forces of regional powers contesting with the aim of establishing hegemony over the entire region. Of course, world powers are neither unaware nor uninvolved in this conflict but are not as proactive as they are when fighting with their own agenda. Arabian Peninsula ,Levant and North Africa now seem like a  huge board game littered with corpses and gunmen issuing whimsical orders. Since I cannot come up with a better term, I would call these forces geopolitical networks, comprising of nation-states as well as non-state-entities (including organised resistance such as Hezbollah and numerous small groups of militants) . In MENA, three such networks are active, each with eye on capturing the entire region. The first and most visible geopolitical network is Iran-Iraq-Syria-Hezbollah and other Shia militant outfits. Its main rival is the Sunni/Salafi network of Arab countries-Saudi Arabia-UAE-Bahrain- various Sunni militant groups and believe-it-or-not Israel .  The third network in this bizarre game of power comprises of Turkey-Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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