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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is Israel Poised For Strategic Defeat in Gaza

From amongst the numerous Israel-Palestine skirmishes,clashes and wars, the ongoing conflict seems the worst one yet. Body count and infrastructure damage may have been much higher in previous escalations,but this time both actors have long term agenda in mind and domestic political pressure . Further, it is not a case of provocation by one actor leading to a escalation that neither side can avoid, as is usually in the case of India and Pakistan or China and one of its neighbour. In this case, both Israel and Hamas have all along had the option of de-escalating it but neither actor is willing, as they see opportunity to gain advantage by the time a ceasefire becomes imminent. This is after all a very unconventional conflict, fourth generation warfare is fought on a very different level, in this instance, the objective is not to capture the flag first but create conditions that can help develop better strategy until the next conflict. As opposed to other conflicts, war does not erupt between Israeli and Palestinian militants, it's been in a state of war since two decades, it is peace that occasionally breaks out.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gaza Crisis: Jews Shouldn't Pay Price For Zionist Chutzpah

The atrocities being committed on the Palestinian people during the Operation Protective Edge, makes one wonder how a civilized nation could go about killing hundreds of civilians, especially children and claim it is an act of self-defence. The graphic images, videos and individual testimonials paint a grotesque portrait of a genocide with racist overtones. Unlike other ethnic cleansing pogroms of recent times, such as Serbian genocide of Bosniaks, information of which wasn't available immediately, the IDF assault  is taking place in full public view. It requires remarkable chutzpah to continue pounding of Gaza despite international outrage and UN resolutions, especially since Israel came into existence through a similar resolution and  support of  global community. Ironically, the last racial global ethnic cleansing movement was carried out by the Nazi Germany under Hitler against  the Jews and as such the Jews would best understand the pain Palestine is growing through. Besides, the Arabs and the Jews have had relative cordial relationship for a millenia.  Even we were to disregard all these things,  it would still remain unanswered how God fearing Jewish people could indulge in such perversion  of their laws. ? But then Israel is a Jewish-majority secular state, not Halachic Jewish State. In fact, Israel is a Zionist state.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Modern Roots Of Sectarian Violence In Middle-East

The Middle-East cauldron appears to be on the verge of spilling over, presenting an unprecedented situation for world leaders. Unlike previous situations this is not a conflict between two actors,it involves numerous actors with varying agendas and objectives, with no clear statement of allegiance to any one ideological group or state. What began as the Syrian Arab spring soon turned into a civil war and gradually into a chaotic movement of bloodshed and strife. Although recent events have had a catalyzing effect in the flare up, the key to understanding the Middle-East jigsaw puzzle lies in history. To begin with, "the Middle-East" as such did not always exist, what existed was Arabia and then the Islamic empire. Although the entire history of the Islamic empire is rife with revolts,internecine feuds, it is the establishment of the Caliphate and its abolition that had larger ramification than others.

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