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Monday, June 13, 2011

Save Lokpal Bill: Petition T hrough Avaaz

Posted by: danish Ahmed 3:06 AM

 As most of you would be aware, the ensuing media circus has taken the focus off the developments in the Lokpal drafting committee, the government representatives are now unwilling to bring certain important posts under the purview of the Lokpal. At the same time it has also invited public input though it hasn't been advertised much. Avaaz.Org has started a  campaign asking its mehembers to flood inbox of the members with petitions with strong messages to save the Lokpal bill. All you need to do is visit this site and send the petition, it also allows you to add your opinion and send it to government representatives of of Lokpal bill drafting committee and UPA chief  Sonia Gandhi. 

Following the petition I sent adding a few words of my own (italicized).  If you share a similar sentiment please visit this URL and send the petition.

Dear Ministers of the Jan Lokpal Drafting Committee, Prime Minister Singh and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi,

We urge you to include the Prime Minister's office and sitting Members of Parliament under the purview of the bill. We ask you to empower the Lokpal to be able to investigate all civil servants and corrupt judges by filing FIRs. We ask that you strengthen the Lokpal by bringing under its ambit the Central Vigilance Commission and the Central Bureau of Investigation.
Of course, it is for the member of the Parliament to draft and pass a bill but we have waited 42 years for a strong anti-corruption legislation but none of the governments have delivered.On the contrary, cases of  corruption, especially in the higher bureaucracy and ministries have not only increased exponentially, these robberies of public money has been carried out with impunity and arrogance  that offends us.

 As you would have definitely noticed,there is a trust-deficit between the government and the citizenry; between YOU- our representatives and US - whom you represent on the floor of the Parliament. It is unfortunate that in a vibrant democracy such as ours, we need an Ombudsman but the alarming level of corruption in various departments of the government and staggering amount of nation's wealth being siphoned away leaves us with no other recourse.  

 Individuals and political parties may have politicized the issue for their petty gains but the call for the bill has been made by the common  people, it is the voice of the nation.We welcome the fact that the government paid heed to the mass movement against corruption and constituted the drafting committee. All of you gentlemen in the drafting committee possess clean image, we urge you to listen to the voice of the people and your own conscience.

This is your moment to make history. We urge you to save the Jan Lokpal.

    Danish Ahmed

Note: this message was sent as part of an Avaaz campaign. To respond, please email reply@avaaz.org.