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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Egypt: Hezbollah Throws The Ball To Israel's Court

As the Arab states face popular unrest, Hezbollah chief has asked his militants to be prepared to invade northern Israel if a war breaks out. Clearly, the Lebanon-based guerrilla group is trying to take advantage of the situation in West Asia, but it could also be a sign of extremists in the region feeling threatened by secular democracy activists undermining the role they have held for decades.

"Chaos and confusion in the streets of the Middle-East is what would follow if any of the incumbent regimes of the Arab states were overthrown in a mass uprising". This is what most "middle-east experts and observers" had been warning since decades and especially in the last decade. Ironically, after the Egyptian #Jan25 revolution, it is these experts and diplomats who seem to be panicking now. So I wouldn't hazard a guess on which direction Arab politics would head once the dust has settled down in Tahrir. And of course, the ramifications are going to be huge and far reaching. However,t it wouldn't be difficult to realize that certain entities do face huge threat after the recent turn of events, Israel being the crucial and most visible one.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jan25: Egypt's Date With History

Source: Guardian
 In the streets of Cairo, proof that Bush was right. Not me, this is what a former Bush adviser had to say in a Washington Post column. I found in this column many proofs- proof that GWB is not a rare case, even his security advisers suffer from the same syndrome and proof that Mubarak is wrong when he says that Obama doesn't understand Egyptian culture. I am sure that Bush had no clue on what he was talking about when he stated that the peoples of the West-Asia deserve freedom, dignity and the right to chose their own rulers. If it all the statement signified something, it was the fact that as of then the American establishment had believed that the Arab states were not ready for democratic culture which was essentially a Western doctrine. It was a mantra that his predecessors had repeated while propping up and supporting autocratic regimes in the West-Asia.

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