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Thursday, April 1, 2010

World's Greatest Philanderers Alive

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Posted by: danish Ahmed 3:38 AM

The grapevine has it that, Manforce may pull off a coup de grace by roping in world famous personalities for its upcoming event WGPA.  Dubbed as the poor man's Viagra, Manforce (owned by Mankind Pharmaceuticals) seems determined to expand its customer base in India as well as abroad. The TV reality shows sponsored by it did manage to grab attention of a segment of viewers but it has now reached a saturation point.

So, it has now come up with a plan to hold a competition to chose World's Greatest Philanderers Alive (WGPA). Although the date of the event has been kept under wraps,an insider source has indicated that it is very likely to be held this week itself.

However, a few names have popped up, freelance journalist, Ria Polol, has confirmed that the ex-Governor of Andhra Pradesh, ND Tiwari and 'god-man' Nithyanand  are two high profile candidates in WGPA contest. Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Berlusconi and few other global celebrity participants haven't yet confirmed if they would be participating. However, the organizers have been trying to convince them to use video-conferencing for the purpose.

With such an interesting list of participant its going to be fun watching who gets the title- World's Greatest Philanderer Alive !!!

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