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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Posted by: danish Ahmed 2:39 AM

Just finished watching Michael Jackson's memorial, it was once in a life-time event. The glamor and grandeur sorrounding the event seemed to commoditize death and grief but the memorial of the King of Pop could not have been a sombre affair!

Lets not forget that he was under constant pressure to perform,even until the day he died. From the time when the 5 year old wonder-kid MJ was thrushed into the entertainment industy to this date , he was always seen as an object of entertainment even if a very celebrated one. No wonder then, he was a bit strange, the world never considered or wanted him to be a normal person!

Michael Jackson's memorial will go down in history as the biggest televised event. Ordinarily i wouldn't participate in an event of this nature watching its live telecast but MJ's memorial was an exception as it reflected his greatest contribution. For the first time, millions of people from all across the globe were in unison doing the same thing. It is indeed a mighty acheivement.

Thank you Michael Jackson and Rest In Peace !