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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bush Maybe Imbecile But Global Food Crisis Is Real

Posted by: danish Ahmed 1:56 PM

G.W. Bush has said that the food prices are rising because Indians are eating more. Well, what he exactly said is that as the Indian middle class which is larger in size than the entire population of the US ( after learning this during his last visit to India, Bush has never failed to show off his new found knowledge regardless of situation) is getting prosperous it is demanding better nutrition leading to higher food prices.

Wow! Did Bush work that out all by himself ?

I would have thought so had not Condy Rice expressed similar sentiments earlier, Bush's latest statement indicates that imbecelity is contagious especially in the inner circle of the American President.

These statements sound so much like the cold war era allegation that the amount of food that the USA wastes would be sufficient to feed all the hungry people of Africa. However, I am not sure if that is how world economics works.Experts opine that the current global food crisis is result of diversion of resources from food crop production to bio-fuel production and trade policies.

Bush's comment may be typically obtuse but he has inadvertently brought an important issue to the fore. Global food crisis is real and needs immediate attention. Avaaz has launched a movement to raise awareness and urge leaders to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. Already the food prices have doubled in Sierra Leone and things are heading for the worse. If you feel like it, then please sign the petition. .

P.S.: I intended to continue postings on the declining standards of the Indian vernacular media before posting on any other topic but Bush has spoken and so I had to !


Abhishek Kumar Singh said...

the information mentioned by you is correct.. i wonder how food crisis would be solved in future.

israrul haque said...

no one gives a damn to whatever bush says, but the fact is that US consumes more food per capita than asia.

Busybee said...

Hi Aryan

:-) nice colour change on your blog. This looks better than the black.

I signed d petition on Avaaz btw.

n hey isnt it dumb that they dont know whats pushing up the prices ? Many nations like us hv banned export. and then they use corn to produce bio-fuel which is a staple food for many.

one can expect such stupidity from Bush. But Condi ? she had made some amazingly stupid comment on the same issue just prior to Bush and Bush only parroted Condi.

I used to think of Condi as intelligent.. educated, well read and a woman of the world sort of.. but no.