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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Magnanimity or Pawar ?

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Posted by: danish Ahmed 5:14 PM

Team India forgives Brad Hogg after bringing charges against him of verbally abusing Kumble and Dhoni. It is a noble gesture , a gesture that reflects the Indian ethos and the genuine sporting spirit. It goes without saying that one expects the Aussies to drop charges against Bhajji as a gesture of reciprocation but the fact is that the Aussies have done no such thing as yet. At this point of time it is not clear whether Kumble's decision was part of a deal but even if we assume that a deal had made the question still remains, 'was it a fair deal?'

The Sydney test fiasco had taken India-Australia cricket relations to an all-time low, it was in the interest of cricket that differences be set aside and both the teams take initiatives to normalize relations. Australia being the host team should have taken the first step in this direction and the person in the centre of the controversy did take the first step but in the opposite direction. Andrew Symonds again took a dig on Bhajji by issuing a statement on Sunday. One would expect Indians to react in a similar manner but bizarrely, Anil Kumble & Co decided to withdraw complaint against Hogg even after Ponting had turned down Kumble's request to withdraw charges against Bhajji. Forgiveness is a virtue but in an instance where the offending party expresses no regret, the concept of forgiveness loses all meaning. It is then seen as a meek surrender which makes the aggressor more aggressive. This may actually send a wrong message to Ricky Ponting and his boys making them think that they reserve the right to sledge, abuse and cheat and other teams do not possess the right to protest either. Lately, Ricky Ponting's arrogance has acquired such dimensions that he doesn't hesitate from using his sledging tactics even against media After all, they have been sledging and cheating the whole series and the officials have actually been conniving with them instead of restraining them.

It is still unclear what made Kumble drop charges against Hogg, Pawar's aspiration for ICC top job may have influenced the decision but as of yet no one is telling. I wouldn't like to believe that Indian cricket can be one man's fiefdom Let us just hope that Kumble's gesture was one of magnanimity and sportman spirit and not a decision that has been forced on him by the board.