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Saturday, May 23, 2015

China's Latest Cartographic Aggression

China's state-owned CCTV showing a map of India without Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh on backdrop of Prime Minister Modi's visit did create a controversy but not a significant one. The usually hyper-ventilating hyper-nationalist twitter users, television anchors/journalists were silent, perhaps assuming that any outrage would put the Prime Minister in an uncomfortable situation and not embolden him and that the issue has nothing to do with national interest. After all, these maps do not represent the ground realities. But then, why would China, which is not known to indulge in vanities when it comes to state policies, let this situation develop. Everything about maps in China is supervised by a special committee in coordination with 13 ministries, so the broadcast of this map being entirely the decision of a news channel producer or executive seems bit of a long shot. Especially so when seen in the context of China's history of cartographic aggression.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Net Neutrality: Is Your ISP Shaping Traffic Now

 In my previous post I have discussed about Internet censorship in India, in this post I wish to discuss bandwidth throttling and how to find out if your ISP is slowing down transfer speed despite you paying for it. According to The Hindu, Airtel and BSNL have been found to throttle Bittorrent traffic. However, this data is couple of years old and probably doesn't include your ISP information, so here are some tools to find out if your ISP is cheating you.

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