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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gaza Crisis: Jews Shouldn't Pay Price For Zionist Chutzpah

The atrocities being committed on the Palestinian people during the Operation Protective Edge, makes one wonder how a civilized nation could go about killing hundreds of civilians, especially children and claim it is an act of self-defence. The graphic images, videos and individual testimonials paint a grotesque portrait of a genocide with racist overtones. Unlike other ethnic cleansing pogroms of recent times, such as Serbian genocide of Bosniaks, information of which wasn't available immediately, the IDF assault  is taking place in full public view. It requires remarkable chutzpah to continue pounding of Gaza despite international outrage and UN resolutions, especially since Israel came into existence through a similar resolution and  support of  global community. Ironically, the last racial global ethnic cleansing movement was carried out by the Nazi Germany under Hitler against  the Jews and as such the Jews would best understand the pain Palestine is growing through. Besides, the Arabs and the Jews have had relative cordial relationship for a millenia.  Even we were to disregard all these things,  it would still remain unanswered how God fearing Jewish people could indulge in such perversion  of their laws. ? But then Israel is a Jewish-majority secular state, not Halachic Jewish State. In fact, Israel is a Zionist state.

 What is Zionism , a friend of mine asked.
Since their exile from Jerusalem, the Jews had dispersed to the different parts of the world. The Zionist movement was a secular movement to fight for a Jewish homeland based on Jewish identity and nationalism. Since Jews were facing systematic persecution in all most all East European countries, Zionist movement started gaining popularity and used its clout in Britain ,USA etc to further their agenda. At the same time, they also started violence against Palestinian civilians and British forces, some of it's organizations, Haganah, BetarIrgun,  were the first terrorist groups in modern history. The Balfour Declaration had initiated the process to resettle Jews in Palestine but after Hitler's holocaust,presence of millions of stateless refugees sped up the process. At times, I think,since Hitler was responsible for the situation, wouldn't carving out a state from Hitler's fallen "Third Reich",especially a region closer to Palestine, be a viable option ? Why unsettle Palestinians for a situation arising out of Hitler's manic policies ? Of course, Zionists wanted their state in Palestine, because Jerusalem and surrounding areas were central to Jewish identity,culture and spiritualism. Ironically, many orthodox Jews opposed it as it was against Jewish Laws !

True enough, a secular movement, conceptualized and led by self-confessed atheist demanding the establishment a country solely based on their religious history and theology sounds blatantly hypocritical, especially when it was to lead to displacement of hundreds of thousand of Palestinians living there since millenias. Some of the harshest as well as knowledgeable critics of the State of Israel are Orthodox Jewish groups  such as Haredim, Agudet Israel, Litvishe and various Hasidic groups and  prominent Rabbis have opposed Zionism and even Israel. The opposition strictly doesn't stem from empathy for Palestinians but out of loyalty to Judaism. Anyone who is bit familiar with Judaism is aware that the Jews have been waiting for their Messiah all along. Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that God gave the Holy Land to Children of Israel, but then took it back after they sinned. The Orthodox Jews more than any other creed remember it as an article of faith since the penalty was the dispersion of the Jewish nation to live in exile and repent with love until the promised Messiah arrives and leads them to the Holy Land by the power of God..

Further, according to Talmud God imposed the Three Oaths on the nation of Israel.
1. They should never return to the land in great numbers. (like a wall)
2. They should not rebel against the other nations.
3. The nations should not subjugate Israel too harshly. (this has been continuously violated but the violation is between God and these nations)

It is not clear if the three Oaths are halachically binding (religious obligation,according to some Rabbis, violation of these oaths are prohibited even on pain of death ) but they definitely carry sanctity. This may sound weird in the modern context but one merely has to look up references to Jews in Old Testament to understand the nature of relationship between God and the Children of Israel, often referred to as "the Chosen People".  This phrase itself reveals the preferential treatment that Israel has received and it also follows that the punishment for transgression and sinning would be also be greater. Many Jews have refused to immigrate (aliyah) to Israel  so as not to violate the first  and second Oath. While the first one self-explanatory the second obligates Jews living in a country to cultivate political loyalty towards that country alone. Even Jews who were already present in undivided Palestine and some of those who have immigrated remain distant from Zionism.  The concept of Halachic Israeli State is a geo-theological concept which is probably the only one ever, however, Zionists have changed it to a geopolitical state based on race.

Support for Zionists from groups like Christian Zionists, Muslim Zionists, Hindu Zionist  and others further  indicate that it cannot a religious movement but since its objective is to work in the interest of Jewish people only and not embracing the original inhabitants, the Palestinians, it can be termed racist in every way. The US in particular sees in Israel a right-wing state that can best protect its economic interests in a politically volatile region that is indispensable to energy needs of most countries.  A number of nations and international organizations consider Zionism a racial movement carrying out ethnic cleansing by eliminating Palestinians with the intention of taking over their land.The 53-member African Charter on Human and People's Rights has in its Preamble undertaken to eliminate Zionism and the UN in 1975 declared Zionism as a racist movement  practicing racial discrimination. However, it was revoked in 1991 after intense pressure. However, that doesn't alter the fact that most of the world sees it as a racist supremacist movement.

Ironically, the only other  racial supremacist movement in the last 100 years which has unleashed violence on a much larger scale is the Nazi movement in Germany. In 1935, Hitler passed law to deprive German Jews of their citizenship making them stateless refugees, yet a few years the end of Jewish nightmare, Zionists made the entire nation of Palestine as stateless refugees. Despite the 1988 declaration of Independence by PLO, implementation of Oslo accord since 19994 and UN's recognition of the State of Palestine in 2012, Palestine is still far from being a fully functional sovereign state. Unlike Nazi, Zionists are not sending Palestinians to concentration camps or gassing them but they are converting cities into concentration camps. Gaza which has a population of 1.6 millions has been living under siege since 2007. Barricaded from all sides it is now world's largest open air prison except, prisons don't face aerial attacks. Instead of gas chambers Zionists fire the deadly phosphorus missiles into a already congested city. These are not actions of a community of believers but of a racial supremacist body.

As the current siege of Gaza continues, spontaneous protests against Israeli aggression is being held across the world. In the last few years Europe has seen a  rise in anti-semitism, the attack on Gaza has elevated it, with violent attacks on synagogues, Jewish owned shops and property, assaulting rabbi in cities like Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam but its slogans like "Gas the Jews", "Hitler was right", that is alarming. 60% of Jews live outside Israel, it is important that those who do not support Zionists are not harmed for crimes of the latter. It requires far more courage to stand up to your own people. Christian Zionists are perhaps as radical as their Jewish counterpart, how does one distinguish. But it is easier to distinguish between Jews and Zionists, the latter are mostly present in Israel and those outside are in much higher league than a grocery shop owner.    

Just as Zionists need to understand that anti-Zionism isn't the same as anti-semitism, so also the protesters should understand, all Jews are not Zionists, neither are all Zionist Jewish.

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