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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SSPG For Modi

Congress leader Imran Masood's desire to kill Narendra Modi, which he expressed in a private gathering is alarming but what I accidentally came across is much more disturbing than the ranting of an ambitious but ill-educated political leader. If Google Search's auto-complete feature reflects the sentiment of large number of its users then what I found is scary indeed.

Combining this with reports of various terrorist agencies planning to assassinate him, raises serious concerns. Despite being the most protected man in India with his elite Gujarat police,  NSG security cover, and most importantly his own 56" chest, non-availability of SPG coverage might have negative impact on the morale and especially on those dimensions. The Union Government says that SPG Act restricts its duty to be extended to a Prime Ministerial candidate or anyone other than the Prime Minister of India and the former Prime Ministers and their families.

However there is no reason why another legislation cannot be made to make Modi more protected! There is an urgent need to create a force, SSPG for the security of the person more important than the Prime Minister and even the state of India. The Snooping Stalking Protection Group should use the very techniques and procedures that Gujarat police under the instruction of the then Home Minister (now murder-accused out on bail to engineer er....campaigns in UP ) Amit Shah followed to protect the lady architect ( from what?) .
In case you are unaware or have chosen to forget it,  a Cobrapost-Gulail joint expose of audio tapes few months back revealed that an 24x7 surveillance had been carried out against a young lady architect for a month or two. The operation was monitored by then Home Minister Amit Shah and involved officers from anti-terrorism squad, state intelligence, CID and even the Chief Minister Narendra Modi, referred to  as Saheb in the conversations. Not only where her phone conversations recorded, she physically followed and the operation involved spying upon  not only her but also her family members,fiancee and even a senior government official.
Interestingly, after the expose the BJP did not deny the allegations at all, instead it produced  an undated letter by the girl's father that the surveillance was being carried upon his own request, for her personal safety! The implication that
However, preposterous it may sound, that still remains the argument put forward by the BJP in response to questions related to this. So to ensure safety and security of such a great leader from threat - however real , exaggerated  or even imaginary they may be, it is of paramount national importance that an identical security apparatus be put in place. Since, Modi is already the most protected person in the country, the SSPG would have  to be much bigger to function covertly  but it would be a small price to pay for the protection of a leader who would simply wave his wand and we would be ridiculing China for its slow economic growth.

Of course, the great leader should never have any idea of the security system deployed or the very purpose would be defeated.

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