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Sunday, June 30, 2013

India's Turn In Afghan Chessboard

The pieces have been re-positioned on the Afghanistan chessboard, there are too many indications that a new round of game may have already started.  NATO handing over security responsibilities to Afghan forces signaled the transition but Taliban setting up its “embassy/office” in Qatar and US attempt at having direct talks with Taliban representatives has left many state actors  apprehensive.  The US move does indicate the fact that the US and its Western allies are determined about quitting Afghanistan. It eerily reminds one of an identical situation in the region when Soviet forces withdrew and Afghanistan plunged into a bloody civil war. If US exit can be a cause of concern for India, it may also offer a window of opportunity to reshape its Afghanistan policy maturely.  This time it remains to be seen what approach Pakistan would take in the rapidly changing scenario. Most likely, Pakistan would like to maintain its military domination to consolidate its geostrategic depth, a core element of its defense policy. But this time, it wouldn't be as easy.

Posted By danish Ahmed 5:30 PM