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Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Ayodhya To Aadhaar : Can We Please Move On ?

Posted by: danish Ahmed 12:49 AM

While most of us seem too engrossed in debates and speculations on Ayodhya verdict, CWG,film releases,  the Aadhaar programme was officially rolled out from a non-descript village in Maharashtra. The Ayodhya verdict,hopefully, is a relic of pre-liberalization  India, an India sans the Internet, IT, cell-phones, BPOs, reality TV shows or even sufficient economic freedom. An India of license-permit raj, a third-world country with alarmingly high unemployment rate. Of course, religious belief,history and identity politics formed the core of Ayodhya movement but the factors mentioned above gave it the necessary momentum. While the fall out of the High Court's verdict cannot be accurately predicted, it would be reasonable to presume that the current generation is not much concerned about temples and mosques. It is time that Chandrayaan's successful voyage make  Ayodhya issue irrelevant .

Posted By danish Ahmed 12:49 AM