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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

India Needs A New World View

 Barack Obama's recent visit to India may looked upon as the most significant visit of an American President to India. Now this statement might sound a bit immature considering the fact that despite numerous efforts, Obama did not make any statement on India's security concern vis.a.vis Pakistan and China, both of which are important for the USA as they are for India. But before he even left for India, Obama had made it clear that trade and commerce would be the main agenda of the visit and he stayed true to it. However, he did offer the long-aspired support for India's bid for a permanent seat at the UNSC but it would do well to remember that the UNSC reforms are not happening any time soon and when they do take place in the future, India would still have to compete with other aspirants and keep veto-power holder,China in good humor. t is not very clear what a permanent member seat in a reformed and an expanded UNSC actually means. Will India and other new members be vested with the same  powers that the Big 5 possess,including the power to veto any resolution ? Finally, given the role UNO has played in conflict resolution,especially in the last two decades, would India's empowerment in any way help India fight off its demons?

Posted By danish Ahmed 2:44 AM