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Monday, February 8, 2010

EU Delegation's Kandhamal Visit Uncalled For

Posted by: danish Ahmed 12:33 AM

European delegation visiting Odisha to take stock of situation in riot-torn Kandhamal district was uncalled for and has only given the Saffron Brigade an opportunity to step up propaganda on the alleged "conspiracy" between local Christians and their co-religionist "outsiders" to carry on "illegal conversions" using funds transferred for development project. This may not sound as wierd to the Kandh tribals who have been at war with Pana Christians in the untrekkable hinterland. True, the latter have faced fierce persecution in the past and some victims are yet to be rehabilitated but that could be better pursued drawing attention of Indian NGOs already working for rehabilitation of victims in other parts of the country. Going by the way European nations are banning religious symbols,attires and constructions, does the European Union have a moral standing to give India sermons on "religious freedom" ?!!