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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Does release of a key Mumbai terror suspect surprise you ?

Posted by: danish Ahmed 1:21 AM

Hafiz Saeed, the founder and chief of Lashkar-E-Taiyyaba and a key suspect in Mumbai terror attacks on 26/11/2008 has been released by a Pakistani court because of lack of evidence. It doesn't come as a surprise, judicial decisions are based on the charges and evidences submitted by the prosecution which in this case was the Pakistani establishment.

To start with, any meaningful decision in this case has to be a political decision not a judicial one. Most, if not all , of us know the history of the Taliban, LeT and other Pakistan-based militant groups and the Pakistani state's attitude towards them. The 9/11 attacks may have changed equations and pitted Pakistani Army against the Taliban but the same cannot be said about the Pakistani militant groups operating in Kashmir. For Pakistan, Taliban ultimately was an Afghan group that they had nurtured and could now sacrifice for self-preservation but groups operating in Kashmir were their own people, people they had indoctrined,trained and helped gather support from the locals. So dismantling the India-specific terror infrastructure (please read to an earlier post of mine, "Pakistan is riding a many-headed Hydra" ) was never as easy neither was the motivation. This lack of motivation and reluctance to discontinue arming guerrillas to fight Indian forces in Kashmir can be seen in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack.

Well, i can go on and on but the only conclusion that can come out of it, is the question whether the Pakistani political leadership is willing to act ? Neither India nor USA nor any other entity can provide Pakistan more credible and substantial evidence than it already has in its government records! I have always wanted to ask a couple simple questions to Pakistan.

What is the objective of the LeT, JeM etc?
What is their modus operandi ?

The answer to these two simple questions should provide enough evidence to Pakistan to nail the perpetrators.