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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Advani resorts to spamming

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Posted by: danish Ahmed 12:43 AM

With the mega-event called election just a couple of days away, political parties, media and even the aam aadmi have pulled out all stops while celebrating the biggest dance of democracy. Most likel, this contest is going to be an interesting one considering the stakes a lot of aspirants hold. BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate L.K. Advani has been known to cherish hope of bagging the top job since a long time but he might end up in record book as the first person to have started a non-commercial spam campaign over the Internet. Going by the number of ads plastered all over the Web, it is simply stupefying why so much money has been spent on advertisements on Web when the more consequential voters could have been bought (or at least it might have seemed so).

Irony of Fate : L.K. Advani and the news report on Taliban victory in Swat share the same space on the Pakistani newspaper "Dawn". And to top it off Advani's banner (in cheap imitation of Obama's campaign slogan) says "IT'S POSSIBLE".
Now if you can make the connection, do you find it more sinister or more funny ?
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