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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fake IPL Player Blog: Adding Viral Marketing To Cricket

Posted by: danish Ahmed 1:22 AM

It seems PC was correct all along, polls and cricket tournament can't go together. They are just too BIG ! No, I am not talking from the security point of view which denied India the opportunity to host IPL (and in the process diluted my zeal to follow live scores), the distraction now comes in the form of a blog posted by someone who could be part of the Kolkota Knight Riders squad. Well, the very URL, http://fakeiplplayer.blogpot.com suggests that the author might not be a "real player", but the posts refer to people, facts, events and even predictions which an outsider would not be able to know. But the most interesting factor for me is the fact that the author doesn't seem very keen to prove his claim, the posts seem impromptu musings of a person who has been around in domestic cricket for some time and now want's to give out the insider view of IPL, especially about dressing room conversations, equations between players, coach, owner etc.

Overall, the blog is quite refreshing and informative as well. This week I intended to update this blog with something related to elections but then as PC said cricket and election have nastier habit of eating into each other's fan base far more than SRK and Aamir Khan do. IPL this year hadn't really captured my attention, I wasn't following each and every match but then I came across this IPL ANONYMOUS's blog and was compelled to defer my post on election :)

Btw, this blog has already turned viral (in terms of marketing!) so I have a hunch that if this blog goes on to become as big a hit some other "insider" blogs have become, it could have some impact on Social Media Optimization and Internet Marketing in general. Lets wait and watch....